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A happy customer in one of our belly bands.

Belly Bands for the Boys!

Belly bands for your little guys! Pajamas for your boy or girl. Sizing charts are provided to assist you in choosing the correct fit for your furkids.

Photos of available fabrics are listed with a number assigned for you to order by.

Pick the prints by number and your size by 

chart, and place an order.

Once the payment is received, your order is placed on my production list.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, depending on the work load at the time. Thank you. 


Girth of up to 16 inches (XXS through Small)  are $10.00 each.

Girth between 16 and 20 inches , $14.00 each

For the XL and XXL, (20 to 24 inches) bands are $18.00 each.

Add for shipping.

Shipping is $3.50 for a single band. $5.25 shipping when ordering 3 or 4 bands--save when you buy more than one! 

These bands WATERPROOFED. Cotton on exterior, flannel lined, and a layer of PUL in the middle. Larger girth dogs (over 18") get an extra layer of terry in the wee wee area.

To Place an Order:

Call me at 207-933-9362 to talk to me personally if you have questions regarding sizing or ordering.

You can email me at jfortin362@aol.com. Please include your phone number so i can call you .

When you call or email me, please have the measurements ready, if possible. 

To Measure Your Boy:

Measure your little guy around the belly, over the wee wee area. 

If you dont have a flexible tape, don't worry. 

Take a piece of string or a shoelace. tie a knot on one end or mark it with a pen or marker. Bring it around the belly of your dog until that mark or knot meets the point of the string in your other hand. That is the girth. 

Now you can lay the string down and measure it with a ruler or a yardstick. 

Then find the size on the chart on this page and order accordingly. Choose from the 6 fabrics on the right. 

These are the fabrics available as of October 7th, 2014

Orders are taken on a first come first served basis, but most orders go out within 4 days.   

I found the chart online. Its the best one I have seen out there. The Highlighted sizes are the most commonly requested size.  

When ordering, order by the band size.